Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tummy time rocks!

Ever wonder what it might be like to sit in diapers for 2 years?!? My guess is being diaper free for a few minutes would sound pretty good, right? That's where the myPad™ playnsplat mat comes in; brought to you by Milk Lush.

These double-sided locally crafted tummy time pads have quirky modern appliques that truly make them unique gifts for any occasion. And the beauty is that long after your baby needs some well deserved tummy time, the pads become play mats, floor covers beneath the high chair (which is where ours now permanently resides), diaper changes, etc. And so easy to maintain; they can be thrown into the wash or simply wiped clean with a warm soapy cloth.

Remember, two years, or more! And now, relief from Milk Lush. Happily available at Hip Baby.