Monday, May 11, 2009

Another green tale.

Usually to write this blog we get all the info we can and inform the customer about the product but sometimes it's best to let the product maker tell the tale. Sprig Toys is just such a company.

"Inspired by our collective desire to keep kids active and the planet healthy, Team Sprig is dedicated to infusing creativity, smart design, quality manufacturing, earth-friendly materials, product satisfaction and responsible business practices into a superior line of fun, kid-powered toys. We help make the world a better place and we get kids off the couch. Pretty cool, huh?"

Yes, pretty cool.

Sprig is the brainchild of three talented toy designers working for the big boys that saw firsthand the impact of a production line on our environment and one day decided to change that. All toys are made from a safe bio-composite made from recycled plastic and reclaimed wood and the noises and lights are kid-powered by natural kinetic, no batteries, ever!

That's a lot of information to ingest but it's a lot of great reasons to buy a Sprig toy.