Monday, May 4, 2009

It means nothing and everything.

I have not been a kid in a while but when I watch my 15 month old daughter at play, the above statement beautifully proves its validity over and over again. And so blabla is just that, everything and nothing, a swirl of letters that encompass the beauty, authenticity and laughter that should be part of every child's world.

Blabla is not only making some of the most adorable and huggable dolls on the planet but they are committed to a fair world; they are part of the great business shift that is happening right now. They use only natural fiber and work with expert artisan knitters in small Peruvian villages who are keeping alive generations of tradition while maintaining their relationship through loyalty and respect. Now that's a business model we want to support!

From six inch Boogaloos to 3 foot giant dolls, there's a blabla for every size.

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