Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bouncy castle for one, sort of.

Hi, my name is Rody. I'm from Italy and can bounce like nobody's business. With some adult supervision you can start bouncing on me at about 18 months old. In no time your balance will improve and get you ready for bicycle riding. Some people even use me in physiotherapy to help kids get better. And the coolest thing is that I will grow with you, that's right, when you feel like you've outgrown me, just fill me up with more air. You could bounce on me until you're five years old! Just in time to pass me onto your little brother or sister. Don't forget to tell your parents that i'm phthalate free, have no heavy metals and comply with all US and EU directives regarding safety. Safe and fun, that's what I'm all about. Hope to see you soon!

Bouncingly yours,