Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Music makes the world go round.

Interested in inspiring the musician in your child? Budding Beethoven's innovative approach combines both Orff and Kodaly systems with music and movement to help children develop a deep love of music. And this foundation can help a child learn a formal instrument later. With songs, rhymes, percussion, and puppet shows, your child will develop her/his natural sense of rhythm and expression. They will enjoy singing combined with percussive instruments like shakers, chimes, rattles and spoons, as well as movement to create their own music. Orff also teaches music literacy which encourages children to take up a formal instrument or vocal studies later.

Ruchika Tekkeveetil, an Orff trained instructor, teaches seven music and movement classes at seven community centres around Vancouver. She is also a singer and piano player and has experience teaching music to students training for music competitions. Visit the Budding Beethoven website to find out more about this great program, class times and cost.

Hip Baby loves music!