Thursday, November 18, 2010

Are you pregnant and physically active?

If the answer is yes, than Erica Bennett would like to hear from you! Erica's study (she is a Masters candidate in the School of Human Kinetics at UBC) aims to look at women's experiences with physical activity throughout the course of pregnancy. The study hopes to provide valuable insight into the factors that affect physical activity behaviours during this important time, and in turn, learn from how those factors affect the health and well-being of women during pregnancy. Erica is looking to interview women who are pregnant with their first child, physically active and in their first or second trimester. She will personally conduct two approximately hour-long interviews, at a time and place convenient for the participant; one interview during the first or second trimester and the second during the third trimester. Participants will be asked questions about their physical activity behaviour and will receive a $30 stipend and a 15% discount card from Hip Baby for their participation in the study.

Interested in participating in this study? Contact Erica by email: