Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flubber, Glurch, Putty, Gak and Slime!

Sounds like a horror film waiting to happen. But those words are all about DIY fun around the house with your kids. Click here and see what I mean. There's a whole world of homemade art supplies waiting to be made in your own home just by following some easy-to-follow instructions and a bit of inspiration. And this type of activity will not only spark your inner DIY'er but will show your kids that it's not always necessary to go out and buy everything ready made.

ohdeedoh is one of my favourite sites for kids on the net because it's always a reliable source of fun, imaginative and clever products and ideas for your kids. And is often the little boost of inspiration I need to start a great project.

This particular post sparked some ideas and hope it does for you too! And has great links to other DIY art sites.