Friday, April 8, 2011

Local Businesses We Love - part 1.1

Full Disclosure: I love words and text and everything else that has to do with our written language. So, when I first walked into The Regional Assembly of Text in 2006, I fell in love with this place immediately, and I've been returning regularly ever since. At our home we always have a pack of their beautiful cards ready to be transcribed for an occasion and for those special gifts, I go to the store and create my very own personalized cards. And if your gifts are small, I highly recommend their beautifully screened cardboard gift boxes. I also get to gaze nostalgically at their great collection of old-school typewriters (you can use them too!) and filling cabinets, but that's my thing. They even host a letter writing club that meets the first Thursday of every month.

The Regional Assembly of Text is another great reason to support local businesses that add something special to our city's retail landscape. They also happen to elevate the written word to the noble place it belongs, but again, that's just my thing.

Visit Brandy and Rebecca at their store at 3934 Main St. (just North of 24th Ave.) and you'll see what I mean. If you happen to be a client of The Midwifery Group (3980 Main St.) just walk a few doors North along Main and you'll be there!