Friday, May 27, 2011

Love Your Brain!!!

Full transparency: I am a committed cyclist. I cycle for pleasure; I cycle to commute; I cycle for health and I cycle for the planet. My wife also likes to ride her bike and now that we have a child, we're hoping to pass on our love of cycling to her. She's been riding in a trailer since she was 18 months and now rides on the front of my bike in a great device called an iBert. And the one constant in our biking life is the helmet; we simply never ride without one. And the helmet we ride is the Nutcase because we love our brains. The Little Nutty from Nutcase is the helmet for kids as they can start wearing them at around 18 months (head circumference must be 18 inches min.), and up to 5 years old or whenever they outgrow them. Not only are they safe but they come in a great selection of colours and graphics.

At Hip Baby we just got in all the new designs. Come and check them out and get your kids started early on loving their brains and they'll never leave home without it. And give you some piece of mind.