Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bobs & Lolo's release another album!

It's no secret than we love Bobs & Lolo here at Hip Baby. And now they have a new album "Connecting the Dots", released fittingly this past Earth Day in April, to add to their growing catalogue.
Bobs & Lolo are Robyn Hardy (Bobs) and Lolo (Lorraine Pond), are energetic performers who both grew up on Vancouver Island where they developed their love of the natural world and musical stories turned out to be the perfect medium for them to combine their educational background, their love of teaching and the creative arts with their passion for working with kids. Their songs inspire children to take care of themselves, their neighbours and their planet. What a great way to engage our children about the future of their home!

Everything in our world is connected and "Connecting the Dots" features 14 wonderful new songs that inspire kids to observe, explore and connect to all the unique people, animals, places and things our world has to offer. Get connected today!

You can purchase a single CD, all of the CD's, and even bundled with a t-shirt included. Lots of options here.