Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A drool bib with a difference.

Drool bibs seem to have exploded onto the market in the last year. Many companies have added them to their product line and some creative momterpreneurs have also produced some pretty cool variations on the idea. But one brand that stood out for us is BB Bandana, made by Electrik Kidz in Montreal.
They've cleverly added a soother clip holder; it functions at once as a drool bib to save your child's clothing from the ever present drool of a teething baby and saves soothers and small toys from hitting the dirty ground. Oh, and did I mention they're made from Organic Cotton and come with some pretty cute screen prints? And that's just our style: sustainable, functional, and stylish. It's a modern alternative to the traditional bib and a great accessory for a teething child.

Come into Hip Baby and check out our BB Bandanas. Machine washable. Made in Canada. And comes in various colours and prints.