Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beco Sale!

Ever since Beco introduced the Gemini Carrier there has been a mad dash for them and we're barely able to keep up with the demand, or so it seems. But don't dismiss the tried and true Beco Butterfly 2 Carrier.
My guess is that you'll soon see a subtle shift back to it as the excitement of the Gemini wears off. What we love about these two products is that Beco now covers all bases with both. The Gemini has its advantages (forward facing option) for sure but so does the Butterfly 2. And if you're lifestyle suits it best, it may be the better choice for you. And now is a great time to buy one because we have them on sale for $139.

This carrier will hold a child up to 45 lbs. (the Gemini only 35 lbs.) so if you're like us and go hiking or take long walks where your 3 1/2 year old (38 lbs.) might get tired, into our Butterfly she goes; can't do that if we had a Gemini. And the Butterfly 2 acts more like a backpack for a kid making it much easier to get the child on your back when alone and has the added safety feature of an infant insert (included) to make the wee ones super snug and safe.

Come into Hip Baby and we'd be happy to show you which one works best for you!