Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mothering Magazine lists Earnest Efforts on Top 10!

The most important part of our business is without a doubt our customer. But there's another part that we often don't get a chance to talk about as much, and that's our suppliers. We have great brand names that we buy through reps and distributors but we love to deal directly with the smaller (and often local) manufacturers, it makes for a more personal and direct relationship. So, when a small supplier gets accolades, we like to celebrate it!

Earnest Efforts are a husband and wife team from Southwestern Oregon and have been supplying us with handmade rattles for a couple of years. We've been big supporters because not only are they beautiful but they are made entirely from sustainably harvested wood and are safe for kids. They also create gentle tones and can be used for musical accompaniment.

Mothering Magazine has just released their picks for the best Natural, Eco-Friendly Baby Toys and Rattles and Earnest Efforts made the list. Congratulations Earnest Efforts for being recognized for the work you do!