Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Katie's Holiday Staff pick: the teepee!

Usually I blog about great Hip Baby items that are new to the store and items that for which we've got plenty of stock, etc. But this blog is about an item that came and went rather quickly due to this Vitamin V Daily post on December 3rd. We couldn't pack them fast enough to get them out the door. Today's blog is not only Katie's Holiday Gift pick but also to let you all know that we only have three units of the Dexton Teepee left. So don't delay! There's still time to get a teepee under the tree.

Great for either indoor or outdoor play. The teepee is easy to assemble (I did it and I have trouble with Ikea!) and is over 6 feet tall leaving enough of a footprint for endless hours of activities. And if you want to get creative, you can paint the canvas with whatever cool design suits your fancy with either oil or latex base, magic markers or spray paint. I think a Jackson Pollock teepee would be cool!