Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Snotsucker is back!

When Health Canada suddenly deemed the Nosefrida's Snotsucker a "medical product" and stopped it from being imported until further notice, we were a bit shocked. Don't get us wrong, we're all for safety in kids products but sucking snot out of your kids nose when they're sick, and can barely breathe, doesn't seem like a medical intervention! Anyway, I'm rambling. This is to let you all know that it's back and we're happy that not only did Health Canada declare it safe but they did it in record time. This order will not last long on our shelves so get it while you can. We'll be ordering more immediately!
Nosefrida's Snotsucker is a nasal aspirator and one of those products that unless you try it, the assumption of what it's like to use it will get the better of your imagination; because let's be honest, the idea of sucking snot out of your kid's nose does not make you want to run out and buy it. But here's the good news: the snot rarely gets near your mouth and even if it did, the nifty little filter would catch it all. Safe and sanitary to use. The beauty of this device lies in how you can easily regulated the sucking force making it painless for baby, unlike the "turkey baster"variety which actually made my daughter cry the moment she saw it coming toward her nose. But with the Nosefrida, it was never a problem. Perfect for when your child is so stuffed up that it makes breathing difficult.