Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Book Month: Reading to babies.

It's Book Month at Hip Baby, and that has me thinking about books. Sometimes people ask us why we suggest a book as a gift for infants. Well, the research is clear; it's never too early to read to a child. By the age of one, a child will have learned all the sounds of their native language and the more stories you read aloud, the more words the child is exposed to. They also hear you express emotion which helps nurture social and emotional development. And it's interactive because it invites the child to look, point, touch, recognize, memorize, as well as ask and answer questions. And it's so lovely to cuddle up with your child and a book; a great opportunity to bond.
Don't forget to use all kinds of different voices and intonation to make it fun! This is your chance to be many different characters and make your child laugh and giggle. As a bedtime routine it can also help soothe and quiet a busy mind to prepare for sleep.

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