Friday, February 15, 2013

#1 - Fit Matters Most

As we continue to celebrate all things cloth diaper during Hip Baby's February Cloth Diaper Month, we present to you the first blog post in a Top Ten List of things you should know about cloth diapers. Fit Matters Most - yes, it's true; no matter what people tell you is the best diaper, if it doesn't fit, it's going to leak. Everyone has an opinion of "the" greatest diaper but what they mean is that a particular diaper was the best diaper for their kid; it does not mean it's going to be the best for yours.
Every child is shaped differently so what works for one child may not be ideal for your child. Search the internet, talk to friends, come to our workshop but the best way to find "the" diaper that works for you is to try a variety of styles, systems and brands. By spreading your stash at the start, you get to try all the choices available in the cloth diaper world and you'll eventually settle on the one that fits your child and your lifestyle.

Good luck!