Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Cloth Diaper Tree!

We created the Cloth Diaper Tree as a quick visual reference guide; and it generally shows the components of your everyday cloth diapering needs. When we're helping people interested in cloth diapers in our store, or at the workshops, we often get a sense that people are overwhelmed by the choices in systems, brands and styles and the above tree, in simple terms, makes sense of it all. But don't let the choices overwhelm you! We are often confronted with too many choices in our modern lives but with cloth diapers it can be an advantage.
Every diaper in the tree will find a context in your lifestyle. Perhaps the pockets will become go-to night time diapers; AIO's for the park; prefolds for the infant stage; fitted for daytime... etc. With the proper stash, you will find that cloth diapering is really much easier than you would have imagined. And with so many people making the choice to cloth diaper their children, there's more people to turn to for advice and support.

And Hip Baby is always here for you!