Friday, March 29, 2013

DIY Easter Egg #5

Here's a DIY Easter Egg idea for the hipsters or people named Francois. I must say that of all the five DIY ideas we've blogged about this week, this one might be the cutest. I guess being Quebecois with a soft spot for a good 'stache and hipster-isms, this one falls right into my aesthetic lap. No instructions for this one but my guess is: cut out a moustache stencil (or beard) and use a Sharpie to fill in, and you're off to the vineyards with this one. Don't forget to dye the eggs first with any of the other four DIY ideas.
Then you and the kids can make up French names for all the eggs: Arnaud, Jean-Michel, Gilles, Pierre, Alphonse, Gaston, Thierry, and so on. Have fun!

And Happy Easter from everyone at Hip Baby!