Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bring the outdoors inside!

Why not bring a little bit of the cozy woodlands into your child's room? Decorate their walls with flora and fauna and geometric owls, and don't forget to throw their dirty laundry in the doe laundry basket (which also makes a great toy bin)! Your little one can curl up in their teepee on a soft cloud pillow, lit by a few glowing night lights,  and read a book. Just lovely.

Cloud Pillow (Blabla) $64
New Geo Owl Print (Banquet Atelier) $25
Great Plains Teepee (Dexton) $199
Habitat Wall Decals (Wallpops!) $33.50
Glo Night Light (Boon) $89
Doe Laundry Hamper (3 Sprouts)