Thursday, March 26, 2009

We're raffling a FREE HOUSE!

That's right, a free house. Well, okay, it is made of cardboard and unless you're 6 years old or younger, you won't fit, but it is free!

We're having our first raffle at Hip Baby! And no purchase necessary. Just come in to Hip Baby, fill out a form with your email address and enter to win. It's that easy.

The house is made by Kidsonroof and is a sturdy 70 X 70 X 105 cm cardboard playhouse made from recycled paper. This model is white and is a perfect blank canvas on which your kids can decorate and draw on as they wish making it truly their first dream home.

The house is currently in our window and retails for $69.00. Come in for a visit and the chance to take home a new house.

(Welcome mat not included)