Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The power of the Group(buy)!

You have likely heard by now about group buying and how the power of the group purchase results in incredible savings for the participants. It's another in a long line of web-novations (did i just make up a new word?) that benefit both consumer and business alike. And now you can do it while being kind to our planet as well as supporting our local economy. Introducing: Ethical Deal. They've taken the innovative approach to group buying and merged it with ethical companies creating change in the world right here in our city. Ethical Deal will take care of the sourcing and vetting of local products for their sustainability so you can buy with green confidence. Check out their FAQs page for more details and if you sign up now you are entered to win a $500 Green Shopping Spree which is really like getting around $1000 of stuff! Pretty cool. Ethical Deal will be launching soon!

Being green just got easier.