Friday, October 29, 2010

Bikes meet Art.

As we approach Bike To Work Week here in Vancouver, I'm inspired to post some stuff about bikes. Full disclosure; I love bikes. Here's a unique idea, turn your bicycle into a paintbrush! Introducing: 'Contrail'. Brooklyn-based Pepin Gelardi and Teresa Herrmann have designed a bike accessory that acts as a paintbrush as you ride around town. "We wanted to create a device that proved to potential cyclists that a community exists." With the Contrail, bicycles can chart their crisscrossing paths around the city by leaving behind a beautiful non-toxic trail of colourful chalking fluid. These weaving lines of cycling life confirm the existence of a vibrant community of cyclists who by the simple act of riding to work and play, reduce traffic, fuel use, pollution, while increasing health, parking space and creating a quieter environment. Cycling makes being green fun.

Contrail is looking for pledgers to make this product a reality. Their goal is to raise $10 000, and they have 28 days to go! Click here to help.

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