Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tegu is now at Hip Baby!

Since we're big fans of design, as well as simplicity, imagined play and sustainability, we were ever so please to discover Tegu. These beautiful blocks somehow bring together all of the above; a rare feat! They have magically embedded magnets inside the wood blocks so they can be made into virtually any imagined shape and disassembled just as quickly to make something entirely new. As fast as your mind can think of a shape, you can create it. All the wood comes from sustainably forested hardwoods and only water based inks are used.

And you can start small and build up as you go because all the sets are interchangeable. There's a great starter kit of eight blocks with a felt pouch or the larger 26 block Discovery Set, and when you're ready to build your own city there's the 52 piece Original Set. And soon we will have the industrial felt Carrying Case so you can store and transport all the blocks.

This is free play at its best!
No batteries, no screens, no instruction manuals, no bleeps and tweets, just limitless imaginative play.

For ages 3 years +