Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ever have a last minute appointment? A great event you don't want to miss? Your nanny is sick? Just need a break but none of your regular care givers are available? As parents we've all been there, fear not! help is on the way and Lullaby League is here to help you out. The Lullaby League is a one hour mixer where parents get a chance to meet a dozen or so fun and fabulous college and university students looking for babysitting jobs. It's a perfect opportunity to meet, chat, see resumes, and generally get to know the person you will be trusting your child with while being a cost-effective way of interviewing multiple candidates. And way more fun than searching the web and notice boards! The $50.00 registration fee (payable to Lullaby League in cash, chq, Paypal) includes the mixer, a list of all the babysitters, and the chance meet a dozen or so babysitters and other parents in your community.

Hip Baby is happy to host our third Lullaby League.
February 23rd from 7pm to 8pm!

Unfortunately this month's League is sold out. Please watch their website for upcoming events.