Thursday, March 24, 2011

Local Businesses We Love - part 1.0

I think the weather in March really affected my blogging. That's my story, and I'm sticking with it. But I'm back with the first installation of 'Local Businesses we love'.

My first pick is a company that is dear to my (local) heart and to my whole family's feet because it's a rare morning when my wife, daughter and myself don't all have our Padraig Cottage slippers on our feet. In fact, it's a rare day when we don't have them on our feet at some point. The reasons are simple, comfort and warmth. Padraig Cottage had humble beginnings when back in the winter of 1977 Helen made a pair for her son. Now Padraigs can be found all over the world keeping people's feet warm and cozy with crocheted wool, sheepskin liner and leather sole. Here at Hip Baby we sell a lot of them so not only are we making happy feet all over the city but we are supporting a great local business. Padraigs are made just over the bridge in North Vancouver.

Padraigs are especially great for kids because you can tie them up and they don't fall off their feet. And makes one of the most useful shower/baby gifts around.