Monday, March 28, 2011

Movie watching and your child.

Recently our 3 year old daughter got her first opportunity to watch a movie and since we had not seen the movie in question, we weren't sure if it was appropriate. Then we discovered 'Kids in Mind', a wonderfully thorough website that lists a great selection of movies and gauges their appropriateness in three categories: Sex and Nudity; Violence and Gore; and Profanity. And every movie has a fairly detailed description of why those ratings were made. So now if we hear about a movie from another parent, we can go to Kids in Mind and make a more precise and objective decision, because what one parent deems appropriate for their child may not be for yours.

That first movie our daughter watched turned out to be a great choice and Wall-E (rated a mild: 1-2-1) is part of her small repertoire of movies we keep on our computer. We also find it helpful to sit with her during the first few viewings of a new movie in case there is anything upsetting or if she has any questions about what is going on.

Enjoy the movies!