Monday, April 4, 2011

Nursing and diapering at Hip Baby.

Back in February, Granville Magazine (a great online portal to all that is good about our city) did a much-needed piece about public diaper changing facilities and listed eight places you can change your kid in Vancouver. There was one problem with it, they forgot to mention Hip Baby. Although it's a great online magazine, I don't expect them to be psychic and all-knowing. So I thought I'd set the record straight and let Vancouver know about both our change facility and nursing area.

When we opened Hip Baby part of our mandate was to be part of the community and one step in that direction was making sure moms and dads had a comfortable and accessible place for diaper changing their child. And no need to purchase something! It's here for you. And for moms that need to nurse, we've got you covered too. Stop in and sit in our semi-private nursing area and feed your baby to it's belly's content.

And if you're in Victoria and happen to be on Lower Johnson, our Victoria location also has an accessible diaper changing area and cozy couch for nursing.