Thursday, March 31, 2011

We take baby-proofing seriously!

Great minds create great ideas and the people at Rethink have plenty of great ideas. And here's a cheeky Hip Baby business card that speaks for itself. I love it when the medium for marketing or advertising actually (and easily) tells the story; it's narrative in its purest form. Your baby can 'bonk' into these corners all they want, and they won't hurt themselves because we've got you covered!

At Hip Baby we take the safety of all our little customers very seriously, which is why we thoroughly research all our products and do our best to get carry the most earth-friendly as well. Both Jen and I (co-owners of Hip Baby in Vancouver), and Mary (our partner in the Victoria store), have children, so we know first hand the concerns of parents and try to keep those in mind when purchasing our products without ever forgetting that kids also need those same products to spark the imagination, teach and encourage fun.