Thursday, June 14, 2012

Coffee, parenthood... and cool beans.

I've decided to forgo my usual product-based post for today and talk about coffee... yes, coffee. I used to be a casual coffee drinker, you know the type: the odd cappuccino with sunday brunch, a proper espresso after a restaurant meal, the pick-me up before a day on the slopes, etc. I'd even go months without a coffee. Then it all changed when I became a parent. And now it's no longer casual; it's a ritual, one might even say, a necessity. But something wonderful happened along the way, not only do I appreciate how it sprinkles caffeinated magic on my lack-of-sleep days (that makes me a more attentive and better parent right?), I now truly appreciate all the wonderful flavours we have available to us here in BC. And lately my wife and I decided to explore many of the roasters we have at our disposal. I mean, you don't buy the same wine every time you're in the wine store? Here is a very short list of our recent favourites and why:
At the top of the list is Oso Negro, if you're ever in Nelson, it's a go-to spot for a cup'a'joe. and my fave blend these days is the medium dark roast called Meteor Blend. If I've really need a kick in the parenting pants, it's 49th Parallel's Epic, bean for bean the best caffeine shot in a cup (I'm writing under its influence right now!). Bean Around The World's Rainforest Blend is a reminder that I once liked my coffee with a straightforward approach and more rustic edge. Once or twice a month I stop in at Milano on 8th Avenue, just off my bike route, to try one of many blends they have available when I feel like tasting something new. And besides the fact that Salt Spring Coffee has some great single origin blends, they are doing exceptional work in the world with regards to supporting the farmers at the grassroots level.

And remember not to overdue it! Then you'll never get enough sleep... Enjoy your beans!