Friday, June 15, 2012

My Breast Friend...

Important: How well something works trumps everything! Including cuteness, popularity, style, marketing, etc. My wife and I learned this important parenting lesson when we shopped for a nursing pillow. "How different could they be? It's a pillow." So we bought the prettiest one, except that pretty doesn't support your back. Then we ended up with the very pillow we passed over, My Breast Friend. The pillow that made nursing comfortable for my wife and likely saved her back. It was developed by moms and experts to answer all needs of nursing moms and babies. Wrap around design helps with latching, excellent back support to maintain good posture, firm flat cushion, adjustable strap, arm and elbow rest eliminates shoulder stress and a pocket for water bottles, cloths, phone, etc. Conclusion: you couldn't design a better nursing pillow.

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