Monday, February 18, 2013

#3 - Diapers will Stain

Yes, it's true; cloth diapers will stain. Your diapers will not look the same as when you bought them but there are many ways to mitigate the staining and keep them in a perfectly re-sellable state (yes, there is a second-hand market for  cloth diapers!) or to use for your next child. Two words: liners and doublers. Place disposable or washable liners in your diapers to catch solids; fleece liners to wick away moisture from the skin; and doublers to not only add absorption but to avoid staining the main diaper. And remember that the sun is every cloth diaper's best friend!
Take advantage of a hot, sunny day to clean your diapers. The sun can help with bacteria, odour, and staining. Add to that a good washing detergent (Hydrox II) and an efficient washing machine, and your diapers will be as good and clean as they can be.

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