Tuesday, February 19, 2013

#4 - Be Easy on Yourself

No matter how committed you are to your cloth diapering there will be times when you have to consider, for example, the happiness of your family or more sleep or easier travel, as a higher priority. At eight months, our daughter went from being a great sleeper to a not-so-great sleeper because of heavy wetting at night; we tried many solutions but nothing worked. We chose to compromise our commitment and use single-use (disposable) diapers at night. Problem solved, and everyone started sleeping again. At 13 months, when we noticed she wasn't wetting as much, we switched back to cloth during the night with no issue.

So as much as you're committed to cloth diapering, always remember that your happiness and your child's well-being are the priority. And make diaper changing a fun and low-stress event in your child's day by taking the time to connect and chat, there will be a big pay-off when they're a toddler and during potty training.

Cloth Diaper Month continues at Hip Baby until the last day of February.