Friday, February 22, 2013

#7 - Your Pocketbook Will Love You

With 7 days to go in our cloth diaper month sale, it seems appropriate to hit #7 in our top ten list of things you ought to know about cloth diapers. AND it's about your pocketbook! If you don't know it already, there are three main reasons people chose cloth diapering: the environment; the child's health; and budget. You can save, depending on how you the brand and system choices you make, between $1500 and $3000+ by cloth diapering your child instead of using disposable single-use diapers. That's nothing to sneeze at in this economy.
And if you focus your stash on prefolds, you could save even more. Allow me to recap: if you cloth diaper your child you will be helping the planet, creating a safer environment around your chid's reproductive organs, and put an extra few thousand dollars in your wallet. Not bad.