Thursday, February 21, 2013

#6 - You Will Be an Expert

You will not only be an expert cloth diapering parent in no time at all, you will also be an ambassador! We've seen many hesitant and resistant parents to cloth diapering, after just a few weeks of doing it, talk to other customers in our store like experts. And it's very simple how they became that way; they discovered how easy it is! Humans are amazingly adaptive creatures and the key is to set yourself up for success by exploring which cloth diapering choices suit your lifestyle as well as finding your very own short cuts and systems.
By the way, those initially resistant parents I spoke of are usually men, I know, I was one of them when my wife proposed cloth diapering for our daughter six years ago. And look at me now! Our 'Cloth Diaper Tree' will become second nature to you within weeks of your child being welcomed into our world.