Saturday, February 23, 2013

#8 - Your Child's Skin Will Love You

If you had to choose, for yourself, between plastic underwear and cotton underwear, which one would you pick? With cloth diapers you can choose between three natural fibres: cotton, bamboo and hemp. As well as pocket diapers, which use a poly-wick fabric which helps keep baby dry. The use of natural fibre diapers is especially good for your child's skin because it's breathable and hypo-allergenic.
And if ever your baby has redness, you know it's either a food sensitivity or a rash. With big-brand disposable single-use diapers it can also be a reaction to any number of chemicals used for the diapers's materials or the highly absorbent gel packs. Cloth diapering is a healthy, environmentally friendly and an economical alternative to conventional single-use diapers.