Sunday, February 24, 2013

#9 - The Planet Will Love You

Arguments often go back and forth regarding the positive environmental impact of cloth diapers. We often hear, for example, about water usage to wash them (even though one washload of 20 or so diapers is much less water than flushing a toilet 20 times). The Lower Mainland sends 7200 tonnes of diapers every year to the landfill! Imagine, for a moment, lining up the amount of trucks and fuel needed to transport that amount to the landfill. Kinda makes the water argument seem a trifle.
Plus, you'll be able to use many of the diapers you purchased for your second and sometimes third child (especially prefolds) and if you don't have another child, you'll be able to sell the diapers on the second-hand market for them to be used again (which lessens the impact of the production of new diapers). When you add the environment, health and budget together, it's hard to argue against the benefits of cloth diapers. And after all, don't we all wish to leave a healthier planet for our kids? Ultimately, we all make the best choices for our families whether we use cloth or disposable, and at Hip Baby we respect all the choices parents make, it's just nice to know we have options.