Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Recap of the Top Ten List for cloth diapers!

The Top Ten List of what you should know about cloth diapers is now complete! You can go back in time through the February blog posts to read the expanded versions of the points above. It's a compelling list! And the best part is that anytime you come into Hip Baby, to see and feel the largest in-store selection of cloth diapers in Vancouver, you will find knowledgable staff to answer all your questions.
And the Cloth Diapering Dad (that's me!) is always close by. Cloth diapering is not the easiest process to explain in just a few minutes so if you're interested it's always best to take our workshops to get a clear snapshot of what you're getting into. After teaching 45 people in three sold-out workshops during Cloth Diaper Month, we have now helped over 500 people start on the right foot.