Wednesday, February 20, 2013

#5 - Diversify your Stash

This is an important point about cloth diapers that should not overlooked because if you don't try out different styles, brands or systems, you might be missing out on the the best solution for your child. And trying out different diapers may actually save you money instead of investing heavily in what you heard was the best diaper only to find out it doesn't even fit your child (see #1). All diapers have pros & cons so at Hip Baby, we're big on context: pockets are great for travel and nighttime; AIO's are great for going to a restaurant or a few hours at the park; prefolds for the newborn and infant stage; fitted for every day around-the-house diapering, etc.
You'll quickly find other solutions that might work best for you. And remember that there's a good chance you won't be the only person changing your child's diaper (hopefully!) so what kind of diaper is better suited when grandma, daycare, the baby sitter, a nanny, or your sister-in-law change your child's diaper. So much to think about! But we're here for you to make sense of it all. Come to Hip Baby and find out how easy it really is to cloth diaper your child.

Only one week left until the deals go away until February 2014!